Meet the Staff:

Ariana, Founder

In 2018, Ariana struggled to find high quality care for her two pitties, Lucy and Denny. Rather than settle for something less-than what her pups deserved, Ariana got to work building Wiggle Walkers. Every policy, service, and price is informed by her experiences as a pup-parent. 

Ariana grew up in foster care and has always felt a special closeness with pit bulls. Similar to foster children, pitties are often stigmatized and judged as unworthy of a loving home. Ariana hopes to use the Wiggle Walkers' platform to create a program that helps youth aging out of foster care find housing, a reliable support system, and hopefully an animal companion of their own!


Tony, Lead Walker

Olivia, Lead Walker 


Annie, Intern 

with lucy.jpg

The pup in Ariana's arms is Lucy, her very first personal pup as an adult. Lucy is the wiggliest Pittie that you'll ever meet. In fact, her wiggly caboose is how Wiggle Walkers got its name.

If you live near Dexter Park, you've likely seen Tony confidently walking some of the biggest pups on our client list. Her calm and sincere demeanor helps reassure our most anxious pups. We've had several clients go from a one-time boarding situation to weekly regulars after their pup bonded with Tony. 

See how Blueberry is staring longingly at Olivia in the above picture? That's because Olivia is one of the kindest, most hard working people you'll ever have the pleasure to meet. She puts her all into this work and has helped develop some of our newer services. If your pup requires some extra socialization, she may bring her min-pin/ chihuahua mix Annie to help out. 


Bird, Walker 

Bird is Wiggle Walkers' small animal expert. She has a bunny of her own named Rue and is  happy to pass her knowhow to new rabbit owners-- she also makes homemade organic bunny treats!  


Maya, Walker 

Maya is a natural around all animals. She has two dogs, Jewel and Foxy, as well as a bearded dragon named Fireheart and two Kenyan sand boas, Kell and Lila! She'll be attending the University of New England in Maine this fall to study Animal Behavior.


Destiny, Walker 

Destiny has an Akita mix named Ellen that's as quirky as she is cute. Those quirks help inform how Destiny cares for some of our more timid or ~extra~ client pups-- she problem solves and helps them feel secure and confident so they can enjoy their walks.