*Meet & Greet - 20 minutes, free!

20mins - $15

30mins - $20

45mins - $25

1hour - $30

These are SOLO walks, just your pup(s) and their walker! 

These prices are for 1 pup

+25% for each additional dog

*Meet & Greet: an in-person consultation allowing us to go over the details of  any service(s) you're interested in while also meeting your sweet pup in their own space.

*Typically only available in Providence

"Build Your Own"

Customize the perfect plan for your pup(s)!

Step 1:  Choose how many walks your pups will need and how long each walk will be (*see walk pricing)

Step 2: Decide if your pups need overnight care 

Overnight care is 11pm to 7am and includes any meals that fall within that time frame, and potty breaks before bed and when pups wake up ($20)

Example:  Three 20min walks and an overnight = $65/day

7am - breakfast & 20m walk

12pm - 20m walk

5pm - dinner & 20m walk

11pm - staff arrives for potty break & overnight care


Arrival Time: Walkers will arrive up to 45 minutes before or after the scheduled walk/service time

Rate Increases: Holidays are subject to a 30-50% rate increase

Cancellation Fees for WALKS:

24 hours notice: no fee

12 to less than 24 hours notice: $6 fee

Less than 12 hours notice: $10 fee

Last Minute Requests*: 

Last minute requests (12 hours or less before the start time

of the service) are subject to a rate increase of 30% 

Inclement Weather/ Tips: 

From freezing temperatures and blizzards, to sweltering heat and rainstorms-- we walk through almost anything to give your pup an engaging and comfortable walk. Please consider tipping your walker, especially during inclement weather.  

*We understand that life happens and schedules change-- we ask that our clients be courteous of our time and give as much notice as possible. The more advance notice we have, the more likely it is that we can accommodate service requests. 


Cat Visits:

Weekdays- $14 per visit

Weekends- $16 per visit

+$3 for each additional cat/kitten

Each visit will be 15 to 20 minutes long*

 *Includes feeding, scooping litter, & play/snuggle time


Fish Feeding: 

$10/visit on weekdays

& $12/visit on weekends

Misc. Visitfrom bearded dragons to floofy bunnies, we're happy to help!

 Let us know what your pet(s) needs and we can come up with a custom plan and price that works for you.

Traveling can be so stressful, let us help by keeping your pet(s) safe and checking in on your home.

All HOLIDAY visits are subject to the holiday rate increase

Please check-in about any services not currently listed on our site. We care for all pets and all types of dogs (no discrimination based on breed or any other factor).

Not sure of the right option for your pet? Get in touch to receive a personal consultation today!